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Mold Testing and Inspection in Great Neck, NY

Try our professional mold testing service in Great Neck, NY, which includes visual inspection and moisture reading in any affected area. You can also avail yourself of our outdoor and indoor air control sample, indoor surface sample, and receive a complete plan for mold remediation. For the complete mold testing and treatment package, you may take advantage of all services mentioned plus a thermal imaging inspection to detect beneath-the-surface moisture issues. But first, we want to tell you about mold in general and how it can affect your life. If you want to get a consultation from our certified mold technicians or have some mold-related questions call us at 516-331-2052.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in areas where moisture is present and multiplies through lightweight spores. Small amounts of mold are usually harmless. In fact, humans are exposed to mold every day since their spores are present in the air around us.

Can Mold in a House Cause Health Problems?

Because moisture is present everywhere, molds can reproduce anywhere that is damp enough for them to house themselves. When humans are exposed to mold, it can negatively impact human health. In fact, certain types of mold can cause various respiratory ailments and exacerbate the condition of those with allergies to mold and existing lung conditions such as asthma. Mold works to break down building materials.

Mold Testing & Inspection

How Does Mold Affect Buildings?

Apart from its adverse health effects, the presence of molds can contribute to damage of properties and hinder its marketability. Mold works to break down building materials. Both old and new properties are potential places where mold can reproduce. Damp areas in old properties help foster mold reproduction while freshly constructed properties may trap air from the outside, allowing molds and mildew to thrive in dry walls combined with moisture.

Not only will the presence of mold take a toll on your health and well-being, but it can also affect your financial freedom and even existing business ventures.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck is an independent leading mold testing company that provides professional mold treatment services for homeowners and business owners in Great Neck, NY area. Our main goal is to help our clients achieve a better quality of living without the hassle caused by molds. Contact us at 516-331-2052 for professional mold inspection and testing services in Nassau county.

Prevent Mold from Taking Over with Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck

Luckily, mold prevention is possible with the help of mold testing and mold inspection done by professionals.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck offers a full range of mold testing services for various mold and mildew concerns, be it for prevention and/or treatment. What's more, we can offer better availability and a prompt, professional response to our customers, together with our local partners, O2 Mold Testing. They are dedicated mold testing experts who have the training and experience to bring you reliable and unbiased results.

Services offered by Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck include:

  • Air sampling, which detects the presence of mold in indoor air.
  • Surface sampling, where samples of the suspected mold are collected and tested for confirmation.
  • Moisture and leak detection and reading, which identifies wet areas in your homes or business property where molds have been thriving.
  • Visual mold detection, which detects invisible mold in houses and establishments where mold is suspected to reproduce through the mustiness in the air or pesky cold and congestion.
  • Emergency mold inspection.

Our services are science-based and are carried out by experts in the field, dealing with mold issues from their very roots. Apart from rendering outstanding expertise in mold inspection, we at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck pride ourselves on our own facilities for mold testing, which enables us to provide efficient and highly reliable services.

Furthermore, the Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck technicians are not only well-experienced, they are also professional and helpful, guaranteeing customers only the best professional care.


Mold Testing FAQs

How quickly can mold spread after water damage?

Mold growth begins as soon as 24 or 48 hours from the time you have water damage. The truth is mold will possess your home if it finds perfect conditions, like damp and dark environments.

Why do you need to opt for a professional mold inspection service after the water damage?

You should have a professional mold inspection after water damage. Water damage is the primary cause of mold as mold thrives in wet conditions. After water damage has occurred in the property, it is imperative to conduct a professional mold inspection. A mold inspection will determine if mold has begun to grow after the water damage.

How long will the mold inspection process take?

The mold inspection process will depend on the size of the area to be inspected, the information gathered during the inspection, and the questions that you may have during the process. The mold inspection process typically takes about one to two hours; however, it may take longer if the area of inspection is big.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck, Mold Testing Company You Can Trust

The impacts of mold have proven to be a detriment to one's health and well-being and even a hindrance to financial success. At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck, we guarantee to help you with uncertainties that so often surround mold, from detecting the presence of mold to treating and ultimately preventing them from occurring again. Our tried and tested services have left thousands of customers across the state satisfied, living their lives free of mold.

Schedule an appointment now by calling us at 516-331-2052 and experience superb mold testing services only with Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Great Neck.

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