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Why Is Basement Flooding Such a Problem?

Basement flooding can occur at any time of the day, even to those who have never experienced something similar. From excessive rainfalls to leakages and rapid snow melts, anything can be a reason behind flooding in your basement. Since basements are situated at the lowest level, the chances of damages are higher. No matter what the reason behind the flooding might be, it can cause long-term damage to the structure of your home. Standing water ruins furniture, walls, and electrical wiring in your home. Along with property damage, your health can be greatly affected as well if it is not addressed promptly. Therefore, a person experiencing the problem of flooding should immediately contact a technician to fix the issue.

What Are the First Signs of Water Damage in the Basement?

Water-related damages, when left untreated for longer durations, become a nuisance for the property owner. Thus, always look for signs of damage. These signs can include:

  • Cracked walls. Cracks on the walls or floors are the most prominent sign of damage. Sometimes, these cracks can be harmless, but it is better to have them checked, just to be safe. A crack is often an indication that your home's structure is experiencing some sort of water pressure.
  • Rotten wood, drywall. Another huge indication of water leakage is rotten wood. These are some of the early signs of damage. One can even notice a visible change in the structure of walls and floors due to the presence of water. The floor may start to sink, or the cement might flake off. If such a situation occurs, then there is a genuine problem in your basement.
  • Discolorations on the surfaces. Buildings facing damages or water leakages always have faded color. Paint on your walls starts to flake off or lose its shine due to internal leakages. Moreover, if floods have caused water to accumulate in your basement, the walls and floors face issues of discoloration.
  • Bad smell. If your basement has a musty odor even after regular cleaning and dehumidifying, then there is an issue. Most of the time, this nasty odor is due to the presence of mold spores, which grow in moist places. Thus, these smells are an indication of damage.
  • Mold patches. The presence of mold in your basement is another sign of the problem. Mold requires moist and damp conditions to survive. If the mold content in your home is increasing, then there is moisture in your home, and it's time to call mold remediation specialists.

Managing these problems at an early stage minimizes the chances of excessive damage.

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What Are the Causes of Water Damage in Your Basement?

It's not easy to manage basements because the chances of facing flooding issues are quite high. Several homeowners experience the same issue with their basement. One might have to face damages due to the following reasons:

  • Leaking Basement Pipes. Water pipes in your basement might have cracks or holes which cause water to leak. These leakages, later on, affect the walls, flooring, and even the ceiling of your basement.
  • Leaks around windows. There is a high possibility that the windows of your basement cause water leaks. Usually, windows are not installed properly or have tiny holes at the sides that may allow water to leak into the basement.
  • Faulty sump pump. Every basement should have a sump pump as a way to prevent basement flooding. If it's not functioning accurately, then your basement might flood at any moment. A mechanical failure could cause the sump pump to not function properly. Therefore, check your sump pumps now and then to save yourself.
  • Defective Appliances. If appliances are faulty and start to leak, then the situation might get out of control. In just a few hours, your basement might get flooded with water because of a major leak.
  • Plumbing Issues. Another cause of water-related damages is due to faulty plumbing. Try to maintain the pipe and drainage system of your home. As soon as anything shows signs of cracking, have them replaced.

Types of Water Damage

Experiencing flooding or damages due to water is becoming more common. Usually, there are three categories of damage which include different types of liquids. These include:

  • Clean water: It is first category damage which is considered the least severe. Usually, broken pipes or cracked bathtubs contribute to this kind of damage. There is no presence of toxic water.
  • Graywater: This is category two damage, where the water from toilets, sump pumps, and appliances starts to leak and affect several areas of your home. Sometimes, the water can be toxic, but it is not the case every time.
  • Blackwater: This is the most dangerous category involving flood water, seawater, sewage, and groundwater. There are more health risks associated with black water, so calling for professional help is a must.

Is Basement Water Damage Considered an Emergency?

Flooding in any part of your home is dangerous for you. Similarly, water accumulation in your basement can also result in multiple dangers. If the basement has black water, then the situation is labeled as an emergency. Most insurance companies cover the cost of repairing when:

  • The basement/house experiences severe flooding
  • The damage is the result of leakage from sewers or septic pumps
  • The type of damage belongs to category three.

No matter how insignificant leakage might appear to be, it's good to have it checked. Ignoring these matters often complicates the situation.

How Do You Know It Is Time to Call an Expert?

An individual needs to contact a water damage restoration expert when he:

  • Notices mold patches in his home
  • Finds chipped paint or flattened surfaces
  • Smells foul odors
  • Notices water puddles.

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